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07-05-2013, 06:11 AM
For free players, I believe this is the strategy you should follow:-
1) I've noticed that the 1st LTQ, right after a WD event ends is always the easier one. So you should put your energy into that. It's worth not getting the sleep, according to me. I have insomnia so it doesn't matter :). You can easily get through the normal mode.
2) The boss events are pretty sweet, and its worth doing them
3) The FvF aren't that worth. It's a beast of XP. You'll level up a heck lot if you're below level 150. I don't recommend them until you're at least level 150, and have built up your gold. It is only worth if you have gold. The tournaments are complete BS. There's no point in doing them. Even if you have a lot of stamina, the furthest you can get I believe is defeating 600 rivals. Also it's not good for players below level 100. The average XP you gain is 10-15,
So you're gonna be gaining a total of 6000-9000 XP. That's 3-4 levels. And you'll end up finishing some 20-30 Multiple Fronts, force degradations etc etc. So you're gonna gain at least 5 levels. Complete BS and a waste of time. The LTQs are better, and will make you gain some 2 levels and will give you a total of 5000a/d minimum if you complete normal mode.
4) The lockbox events. If it is a collect 20 and get into top 250 and top 50 type, I wish you luck because you need gold to get all 20 of em.
Howeverrrr if it is a Collect 10, get at least 7-8 of the items on the first day. Open at least 15 -20 boxes using Cash open. Then considering you have 3 days left, and you open 10 boxes everyday, or even lesser, you're bound to get the last 2 things and you're gonna get a sweet item.

PS- I always get to the first 7-8 things. But I get f...cked up on my way to the 9th and 10 th ones.
I have a sad life. :(

5) Put your heart and soul into the WD,be devoted to your faction. Even if you can play only 2 hours, give it your best. Getting a top 1500 in the WD is wayyy better than getting into top 1000 in the FvF. Also I like the fact that GREE keeps adding new positions - Top 150, Top 400, Top 750. Now I believe they should add a top 2500 and a top 3000.

Well that's it. This is what I follow. You should really listen to this, I made up my own strategies, and following them, I've grown at a godly rate. Within 2 weeks I have increased my stats by 20k. Without gold or hacking. So if you're one of those free players who noobed up earlier, this is a guide for you. A curious fact, I was only a/d 10k 2 months back at level 55. Now I'm hitting 100k a/d. My Defense is already 100k. Thanks for reading this, and if you have any suggestions PLEASE SHARE THEM WITH ME. :D

07-05-2013, 09:03 AM
I believe any one of the units you can get as a free player helps.

07-05-2013, 09:04 AM
But I see the strategy you discussed. And it's a good idea also.

07-05-2013, 09:21 AM
Haha. I too get to 7-8-9 items, but have never made it to 10. Many, many, many attempts. (no gold)
Yes, the new rank positions during the WD.
It always seems we just miss them; as soon as they are introduced, we just fall short.
Funny that our second highest rank ever got us the lowest amount of prizes, but it just shows you how Gree has been adding "categories".