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07-06-2013, 07:18 AM
Another Great Finish!

WOW!!! and another top 50 for Gen. Guderian and only after five wars! Not bad! We may not be the biggest or the baddest but we are active! And we have fun getting it done! We finished 36 in Madagascar and looks like we should finish inside of top 30 for Poland .. But like after every war we will have a few spots open!
Are you addicted to MW. Are you pulling the weight of your faction by your self? Come join us and we'll take the load off!!! It is a team effort here at GGD!!!

First things first our objective is to have fun and grow as a group! We don't need all those crazy rules like dress codes, outside forums, donation requirements just donate your first born, now that's not asking to much is it! We want player that are willing to sneak to the break room while at work, make an excuse to go to the bathroom every 12 minutes (that's our health regen) durning war! Send the wife/husband on a three day vacation to free up your time to help us stay inside the top 50!! We would like to have a player that could pull at least 1 million WD points but we will settle for less! We have good bonuses here also plus a free lap dance if your the highest donator! So if you want to have fun bring it!

Do do to life's events we need a new DL, do you have 1mil+ stats? If so grab your cojones and go for it! Our bonuses at GGD here's a list!

Casualty rate 18%
health regen 30%
ground att 25%
air att 20%
infantry att 25%
infantry def 30%
ground def 30%
air def 30%
sea def 30%
building def 30%
building output 25%
sea att 10%

Guild member increase 34

The funniest factions out there! We don't have crazy rules No outside forum and still placed 36th !!
This group works hard and we enjoy our forum it makes me laugh daily ... to us it's about having fun because we believe if your having fun you do the work!

Include in your PM
1. Include your Attack/Defense
2. IPH-(Income Per Hour)
3. Level
4. Gold Usage
5. Average Battle Points in World Domination Events
6. Timezone
7. Your Game Name and Alliance ID


- Minimum of 75k+ points during World Domination Battles
- 200K+ attack and defense stats
- Minimum donations whatever you can spare
- Light to Heavy gold users recommend

Only requirements is have fun and be active! our code 238644510


We placed 36 in Madagascar

PM me if interested

07-06-2013, 01:17 PM
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Th3 Beast
07-06-2013, 02:22 PM
Sent you a pm

07-07-2013, 07:32 PM
this is a great group!

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