View Full Version : No gold required just active people no BS

07-06-2013, 02:48 PM
:cool: we are looking for active players, would rather have players with good stats at least 75K plus. but if you are on everyday then please apply. we required 1mill a day donation, if this is to high for your level we can help you if you are a true DAILY PLAYER. here are the stats for our faction the US Marine Corps top 1000 faction: 31 of 34 members so we have 3 spots
Health regen time: -19%
Infantry Attack: +5%
infantry defense: +25%
ground defense: +20%
air defense: +15%
sea defense: +10%
building defense: +25%
with more to come. we just need active players who are willing to help. we have been here since the beginning and have players that have been here since the faction started, we just need some loyal players who will help us grow and stick around through the bad times. if you are interested are code is 429770000 I am the leader, Byrd is my tag name my stats : attack 162148 defense: 229078 not the top of the food chain by any means but I try daily!!!

07-08-2013, 11:19 AM
still have spots open. join us