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07-06-2013, 09:11 PM
Hi there :).

Are You looking for a faction?? Cause I have one for you. JOIN US- BEST OF THE BEST #1 .
We are a top 400 faction - Rank 283 to be precise and we have almost broken top 250. Hence We have bought another guild increase in the hope that we can get 3 kickass players.

What we want :-
1) Please be above level 100 and have stats of at least 150 k. Or if you have 120k above stats, and will increase, we're okay with that. We do not want stats below 100k. PLEASE.
2) Please be active in the donation. We aren't too strict about them, but a minimum of 10 million/week would be great.
3) WAR WAR WAR. Please be active for at least 1 half of the war and contribute a minimum of 25k WD points.
4) Please have groupme installed. That's what we use for communication.
5) Enjoy. We do not force any gold usage. Hence we rely on helping eachother. Most of us are FREE PLAYERS.

What we have to offer you :-
Building Defence -Maxed out- 30%
Infantry Defence Maxed out- 30%
Health regen Maxed out- 26%
Ground Defence- 5/6=25%
Air Defence 4/6=20%
Sea Defence 3/6=15%
Infantry Attack 2/6=10%
Ground Attack 1/6=5%
Building output 4/6=20%

We have a total of 45 active members. Most of us are over 100k and many of us are over 200k. We are a little picky about the last 3 members, so we would be delighted to have people with 150k a/d to join us.

We are rank 283. We have jumped from top 750. With your help, we can get to top 250 or even top 150. :D

Please PM me incase you are interested with
-Gold usage
-Game activity
-How much you can donate
-Your WD points (Screenshots preferred).
-Your in game ID and name.

Looking forward to hearing from you :)

07-07-2013, 05:55 AM
Just bumping away :D Don't be shy. :)

07-07-2013, 07:13 AM
C'MON. Here's another bump :)

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