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07-06-2013, 10:50 PM
Top 400 faction WE TOO BEASTY 700967490
We too BEASTY, a top 400 faction in Poland We are affiliated with GSF a top 10 Faction. We are looking for new members to fill our ranks. We have great bonuses and a laid back atmosphere. We request you be active and participate in all faction events, have 500 allies and donate daily. If you prove your worth and build your stats up maybe you can get promoted to the big club. we are also open to a possible merger The bonuses are as followed

top 400 in Poland
top 400 in Madagascar
top 400 in Colombia

health regen: -23% max
ground attack: 5%
infantry attack 5%
infantry defense: 20%
ground defense: 20%
air defense: 20%
sea defense: 15%
building defense: 20%
building output: 15%
guild increase: +18%

recruiting now!

Major molesto
07-07-2013, 03:08 AM
What are your requirements?

07-07-2013, 03:27 AM
Only requirements is participation and have fun Dnate what u can when u can gold is not mandatory it's your option for the most part we are a free faction with a few gold players