View Full Version : We The People ( War of Nations- world 11 )

07-07-2013, 08:12 AM
Yes, I am advertising in here. The war of nations forum isn't as active. I'm looking for any of my modern war brethren who is used to communication and strategizing that already plays or is eventually going to play War of Nations. My VFF family in modern war is aware Ive simply lost interest in modern war and had started my new adventure in WoN. It's a good game, it's got potential. Something slightly different when you've been doing the same thing for the past 2 years. The main difference over their that I like is the entire faction can all hit specific people, any people. Theirs been many times in modern war where lots of people wanted to get revenge on someone but couldn't find them in rivals or something but there. Enter the coordinates and bam. Only down part is I'm on the short end of the stick right now. My faction only has a handful of people that I KNOW from modern war and alot of randoms from in game so getting full communication is tough with people I don't know. So what better way then to get people straight from modern war.

Come join me in We The People. Also have Manbeast from ACE ( yes manbeast, we've put aside our differences to work together). Also have Big John, the leaders from our VFF Lima faction. Thief , a former leader of VFF alpha. Witty from the top 10 VFF. WE need more familiar faces. Come and give the game a try , just when you do and get sucked in.. Do it in world 11 with us.