View Full Version : Seeking active players for passionate, friendly guild

07-07-2013, 11:55 AM
We are very active guild looking to recruit very active, daily players that want to play the game and win! We have been running for around 8 weeks and have the following bonus. -14% casualty reduction, 19% building upgrade and 23% building cost. We achieved top 750 during our first war, top 400 for giant's alley. We currently have 4 spaces available and we are looking to fill them with lvl 100+ and Strong stats, although lower levels will be considered if stats are high and can help with guild quests. We only ask that all members will do their best in donations, guild quests and fighting in battle, and to be a daily active member. Gem spending is not compulsory but not to be sniffed at! We have a mix of free and gem spending players. Together we completed the last ltq and won the winter dragon. We are aiming for top 200 the next war. So if you want to join, check us out in game. This is the invite code 454-592-090