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07-07-2013, 02:05 PM

The 3o7 Berlin Bombers are looking for a few hardened warriors or a small faction to join us, who like work hard for their prizes! We have consistently ranked around the Top 290 - 500! We are looking to cement our place in the Top 250!

Looking for a small group of 6-8 members who are tired of carrying the load and will contribute immediately.

We are very structured and all active! We use off game forum for battle plans, votes, strategy and faction business / intel! We also use chat app for quick communication and friendship.

We are all adults / professionals who have families and life responsibilities but get together each month and battle hard! Everyone does their part.

We are always upgrading our bases and preparing for the next war. If you are tired of carrying everyone else on your team, now is the time to join us. You will not be disappointed!


LEVEL: Mid level players welcome. **Your level should be the equal or below your attack / defense stats. Not a deal breaker so still let us know.)
WD POINTS: 30K per Campaign
IPH: 500k
ALLIES: 500 (min)
DONATIONS: What you can afford! Most donate 1 Mil per day.
MUST REGISTER ON OFF SITE FORUM and be active with communication!

GOLD / FREE Players: Gold is not mandatory but is appreciated and does contribute to the overall rankings of the faction. Less than half of us use gold, and the rest are free player. The free players still average 20-30k WD points each because of our plans and their participation.

Very easy laid back faction that enjoys working together.

OUR MOTTO; Donate, Communicate and Participate!


Health. -19%
Ground Attack. 5%
Infantry Attack. 5%
Infantry Defense. 25%
Ground Defense. 15%
Air Defense. 50%
Sea Defense. 10%
Building Def. 10%
Building Output. 10%
Guild Increase: +16

We have over 1 Billion cash on hand so those listed above will soon be different.

If interested, please PM me with the following info;
Attack / Defense
Gold / Free
WD points we can expect. (screen shots should be on hand if needed.)
*Reason for leaving faction*



07-08-2013, 03:12 PM
Still looking for a few good soldiers!