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07-07-2013, 11:28 PM
The_Expendables, are looking for new members. We currently, have a number of openings after our leadership left..

We are looking for active players with solid stats that are looking to have FUN and fight a bit(well fight a lot).

Finished 128 in Madagascar and 149 in Poland.

All we ask is activity, donate what you can, communicate, and that you have a minimum 500 allies (we don't want you to be targeted and loose all your units)...

Yes, that is it!!! Gold spending is not a requirement. In fact our new ethos will be work hard/play hard light/gold free.. If you expect to join a faction where large amounts of gold is spent - This faction is not for you. If you want to hit opponents, and contribute to a faction going against the grain our details are below..

We look forward to you joining our family.

+ 24 Guild
Max Infantry Defense
+ 25% Ground Defense
+ 23% Health Regeneration
+ 20% Building Defense
+ 15% Air Defense
+ 10% Sea Defense
+ 10% Infantry Attack
+ 10% Building Output
+ 5% Ground Attack

Faction ID 659218645

If not immediately accepted bear with us, you will be within 12 hours...

Rising from the ashes.. A force to be reckoned with !!!!

General pyro
07-08-2013, 03:11 AM
Join our faction 654330349

Top 1300 faction, currently looking for good and active members to bolster our ranks. Steady progress in ratings from 1730, 1702, 1370 in last 3 wars. Our aim - a fun, active game with good teamwork and communications.

What we ask:
-Voluntary contributions per day
-Donation of all concrete
-Participation in war and WD points of at least 7000 points
-Steadily improvement to your number of allies

What you get:
Health Regen Time -14%
Infantry Defence +15%
Ground Defence +15%
Air Defence +15%
Building Defence +10%
Guild Member Increase +6
Defence leader >400,000

An organised, active faction filled with friendly players.

Our faction is called Bandits for Freedom. Invite code 654330349

07-08-2013, 10:51 AM
Bump bump bump..

07-08-2013, 03:23 PM
Also prepared to take individuals...