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07-10-2013, 11:02 AM
I'm sure we all notice, all of the Outback, and RAAF units available for Australia. Well, I'm a big fan of that because of my collector side of me (I collect to many things :)) Australia has been perfect, and I like we're this is going. It is kinda like a Who has the most? type thing. This is a thread that kinda explains all of the "collectors units" and which ones we have. Ill start be naming all of the available Outback units that are collectible right now

(I will add more as more are revealed)


-Outback Humvee
-Outback Raider
-Outback Armtvister
-Outback MTVR
-Outback ATV
-Outback Demolitions
-Outback MLRS
-Outback Gunner
-Outback Mercenary
-Outback Recon
-Outback Submarine Hunter
-Outback Seige Tank
-Outback Medic


-RAAF Detector
-RAAF Aggressor
-RAAF Boomerang Laser
-RAAF Strafer
-RAAF Bomber
-RAAF Marshal
-RAAF Killer
-RAAF Mirage