View Full Version : Join weapon X today! Top 500 pushing for 250

07-10-2013, 09:16 PM
Weapon X has 13 open slots

faction invite code: 537-523-061

Hello weapon X is a top 500 faction looking to move up to 250. No crazy demands, just DAILY players that are active and help the faction reach the top 250, Also you must donate daily but only 1 million.
We have full defense, almost full offencse bonues, max health regen, bonuses. 100k attack + defesne preffered but fine if a little less.

Our rankings:
3xtop 500 3x750.

Looking for: USA/EUR/ASIA

Casualty Rate: -10%
Health Regen Time: -26%
Ground Attack: +20%
Air Attack: +15%
Infantry Attack: +20%
Sea Attack: +10%
Infantry Defense:+30%
Ground Defense:+30%
Air Defense: +30%
Sea Defense: +30%
Building Defense: +30%
Building Output: +20%
Guild Member Increase: +28

Join Weapon X today! (Tell them commander trevor recruited you) :)