View Full Version : Top 50 Syndicate, Band of Brothers is recruiting!

07-11-2013, 11:38 AM
We have made the Top 50 the last 5 battles. It could be more but Gree pushes so many of these events out I lose track!

If you want a guaranteed top 50 placed syndicate, look no further!

We have all bonuses and are a very strong bunch

If you are interested in applying, please post here or send me a pm of the following. (PM's are much easier and usually noticed quicker)

One of our requirements is that you MUST download the app, groupme. We use this to communicate and it makes things much easier.

1. Attack/Defense.
2. Level
3. How many Influince Points you scored in the previous battle
4. How many Influince Points you plan to score in the upcomming battle
5. Reason you are leaving your current syndicate

Thanks for the look and good luck in Empire City!