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07-12-2013, 12:52 AM
United States of America 489-858-773

Want to join a welcoming top 250 faction? The Australia battle is approaching and we're looking for new recruits to draft in. After the last war we dropped all the drifters which explains having 9 free spots. If you're an active member looking to have a laugh then join us. We do however expect a minimum of 25,000 WD points in each battle. These are our current bonus incentives:

Health Regen Time -23%
Infantry Attack +10%
Infantry Defence +30%
Ground Attack +5%
Ground Defence +20%
Air Attack +5%
Air Defence +20%
Sea Defence +20%
Building Defence +25%
Building Cash Output +15%
Total Faction Members - 37/46

Due to the level we play at there are some minimum requirements, set more so you can compete with your competitors! You'll need:

Min att/def of 100k
500 allies

Just send a faction request (489-858-773) and I'll contact you. Alternatively leave your MW ID here an I'll add you although I would prefer you request directly on MW. We also use an external messaging app called Palringo which you'll be required to use for communication during battles. I'll drop more info on that once you join up.

See you on the battlefield Soldiers! OORAH!

07-12-2013, 05:47 AM
2 spots have already gone, 7 left!