View Full Version : Tired of the syndicate your in not placing in the top 250 or lower

07-12-2013, 11:22 AM
Tired of syndicate drama? Tired of carrying the water for a bunch of under-performers? Come check out WAR Syndicate – we've finished top 250 without fail (most recently #212), and are headed higher! We're looking for a few select players to help us push for top 150 in the battles ahead.

We are:

Adult professionals who know the game and play it hard

A TEAM first and foremost – we win because we play effectively together and have fun!

Well-organized – we have a battle plan and designated battle leaders, track stats and donations on our website, and use GroupMe to coordinate during battles

We like:

Constructive, team-oriented players (we all pitch in and do whatever needs to be done – DL, wall, probing)

High stats for level (1000 A/D per level or more)

Worldwide players (we fight around the clock so any time zone is great; a Europe/Asia time zone puts you at the top of the list)

Generous donors (we ask for 5x IPH daily, but most give more)

Gold spenders (not a requirement, but let's be honest – who DOESN'T like gold spenders?)

If you feel like we’d be a good fit for you and your approach to the game, PM me a bit about you along with a screenshot of your stats and your influence points from the last battle. Thanks, and looking forward to fighting with you!