View Full Version : The MINIONS (140225633) - One Top 624 Team to Rule them All.

07-14-2013, 12:32 PM
First War Ever - 17 minions playing - 35 battles so far - 24 hours left - Top 624!

Thats right, our villianous plan to be number One is well on its way to success! Still, we take pity on you! So join us.

No gold required
Daily contribution of 3 times your iph (most give more).
Active in battles as much as possible. Minion dont need sleep.
Communicate through the groupme app - its a requirement, not a suggestion and we will return you to the nether world of bad syndicates if you fail to comply in short order.
Play to have fun.

The MINIONS Strategy!

Be #1
Stay #1