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07-15-2013, 03:20 PM
Elite Top 50 Guild Recruiting! Now is your chance to be on a consistent, established team!

If you are an active player and always seem to be helping carry a much weaker team, join us now and put your efforts to better use for both you and us!

Another Top 50 finish in Glacial Pass. We also finished 43rd in Giant's Alley, 62nd in the Battle for Darkhome (we were part of the gem boycott), 44th in the Battle for Dwarven Mines, 92nd in the Battle for Blighted Woods, and 138th place in the Battle for Dragon's Roost - we get the job done battle after battle and have consistently improved our standing. :cool:

Now that the latest battle is over we are once again recruiting so this a great opportunity for you to join an established, accomplished guild. We have proven ourselves over all six KA battles - how many teams have that history?

If you had been with us you would have received the following rewards from the our Battle placements:
Increase in Attack from units earned: +86,716 (+23700, +21850, +13889, +18617, +5436, +3224)
Increase in Defense from units earned: +85,894 (+23566, +20358, +13666, +17801, +6633, +3880)
+50% Infantry Defense (+10%, +25%, +15%)
+8% Infantry Attack (+5%, +3%)
+25% Machine Defense (+15%, +10%)
+20% Machine Attack (+15%, +5%)
+28% Magic Defense (+5%, +15%, +5%, +3%)
+8% Magic Attack (+3%, +5%)
+6% Beast Attack (+1%, +5%)
+9% Beast Defense (+3%, +3%, +3%)
+5% Health Regeneration Rate!
-20% Fewer Casualties (10%, 10%)
+10% Honor from Battles
-10% Building Upgrade cost
+1 Additional Honor from Battles
+2 Additional Honor from Raids (+1, +1)
+1 Additional Honor from Fights
+ Defender uses 1 fewer ally

Geez, still not convinced? What the heck you waiting for? Apply NOW!

Desired Minimum Requirements (and why we have them):
* A/D ratio of 3x your level (battle capability in wars, brotha!)
* Active, daily player especially during Battles (um, we *ARE* a battle guild!)
* $100K initial joining donation (to show you want to join us)
* 10x your IPH per day donations - capped at $100k (to help buy bonuses for all our benefit)
* Light to Heavy gem usage (Confucius say - to spread the cost among many reduces the cost for all)
(Higher stats, gem usage, and larger donations will have priority)

We do make exceptions for all of these, it depends on specific situations. So contact me and let's see whether we are a good fit together!

Oh, and I guess I should mention that we aren't militant about donations - obviously we want people to strengthen their own kingdoms as much as they can since that benefits the Guild during wars, so if you are saving for BD10 or GL10 we aren't going to kick you out for not meeting your donation requirement for a few days...believe it or not there are guilds out there that do that. Geez. All we ask is you keep everyone informed of your activities. ;-)

Current Guild Bonuses (available immediately to you upon joining):
* Building Upgrade Speed -23%
* Building Upgrade Cost -23%
* Casualty Decrease -14%
* Health Regeneration -10%
* Guild Member Increase +24 (44 members)

If interested, send me a PM and/or send us a request - our Guild invite code is 959-401-905 (Kingdom Age Guild).


- Wolverine