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07-16-2013, 12:20 PM
As the title says, It's clean out time here! Tired of non-performers........
For the first time our faction got less than a top 250, as a result of dead weight. We've removed some lazy people and have already picked up some real talent the last couple of weeks. The top 150 will be within reach if we can get some ACTIVE players on board.
The basic requirements are:
:Minimum 20,000 WD points (negotiable if you obviously make an effort).
:3M a day donations (negotiable for good talent).
:120,000+ attack and defence.
:Gold is optional (a few of us put down a decent amount).
:Participate in the in-game forum and be part of the game plan, on the same page.
That's quite basic and understandable, yet there's always some who have some BS reason as to why they didn't even make half the minimum points, don't wanna risk losing valuable units, goat swallowed their phone, were busy chasing their pet unicorn, pixies made them push the wrong button every time or thought the war was next weekend.

Tired of waiting for change in your own faction, putting in 110% to be let down by others too busy to participate?

We offer
+30% Infantry Defence
+30% Ground Defence
+20% Air Defence
+15% Sea Defence
+10% Infantry Attack
+10% Ground Attack
+5% Air Attack
+30% Building Defence
+10% Building Output
-26% Health regen Time
And have +28 Guild Member Increase.

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07-19-2013, 12:24 AM
You Have 12 hours left to decide! Only 4 spots left now