View Full Version : Finally giving in and looking for a guild

07-17-2013, 02:44 PM
To date I haven't been inclined to participate in the guilds. However, I think it may be time and something new would be nice.

My stats are so-so. Level 129, Attack 419,000 and Defense 364,000

I am a free player so a large, very active guild that spends $ wouldn't be a good fit. Preferably a lower key guild that has fun but no pressure to be online constantly during the wars.

If interested shoot me a message - my account number is 614-424-205

Master Acai
07-17-2013, 10:39 PM
Yo, yo Sprig...I think we have a place for you...

Attention Warrior Knights, Mystical Mages, High Kings and Queens, and Ladies Fair!

The Mason's Guild (747 268 982), which has ranked twice in the Top400 and once in Top500 for the past 3 wars, unexpectedly has openings for active and enthusiastic players. If you value camaraderie, good fun, support and laughter while increasing your stats, we are your friendly mentoring guild of choice. We do have a small rite of initiation requiring wit and a bit of intelligence, BUT not to worry - no blood or candles involved ;-).

We are looking for active players at level 40+ (will consider level 30), stats about 1000 times the level, and maximum allies...and who have a desire to grow, learn the game strategies, and for the key point...will give balanced participation to the life of the guild. Swing by on your favorite dragon, royal steed, or poisoned ballista and see if we suit your style. Ask for Master Acai (759 987 666) when you knock on the door.

Daenerys Stormborn
07-17-2013, 11:27 PM
Hey overachievers – we're looking for you!
OK, here’s the deal. The die is pretty much cast at this point – you know where your guild is going to end up. You also know the reason you’re not going to make it to the next tier is that others in your guild aren’t stepping up and posting scores like yours. That’s where we come in! If you consistently score more than 25,000 in a war, come join a top 250 team that is cutting out the dead wood and positioning itself for a run at 100! Snap a shot of your IP while the battle is still running and send it my way along with a bit about yourself (at least your time zone and playing habits). We’re a fun, social group and want to keep it that way. ‘Nuff said – here are the gory details:

We are:
Adult professionals who know the game and play it hard
A TEAM first and foremost – we win because we play effectively together and have fun!
Well-organized – we have a battle plan and designated battle leaders, track stats and donations and use GroupMe to coordinate during battles
Well-financed – 25 bonuses purchased

We like:
Constructive, team-oriented players (we all pitch in and do whatever needs to be done – DL, wall, probing)
High stats for level (3000 A/D per level or more)
Worldwide players (we fight around the clock so any time zone is great; a Europe/Asia time zone puts you at the top of the list)
Generous donors (we ask for 5x IPH daily, but most give more)
Gold spenders (not a requirement, but let's be honest – who DOESN'T like gold spenders?)

Looking forward to fighting with you!

07-30-2013, 02:55 AM
We finish top 300 twice now with only 21 players. We are free players but do have a few gem spenders who help us in our quest to secure a top 300 every war. No min donations just be active and do your part in the wars and guild events. MAGNUS IMPERIUM II. We are linked with MAGNUS IMPERIUM a top 50 guild. Prove yourself in MI2 and you'll eventually move up in our ranks. PM if interested.