View Full Version : Low level players do you need a place to play. Active players only need to apply

07-18-2013, 01:22 PM
Looking for a faction, or unsatisfied with the one you're with? Want to be with an active, fun group with a great work ethic and a bright future ahead of it? Then join the Uss Mission Bay! We placed 1053 in the battle of Madagascar, and went gold free in Poland where we just missed the top 1500 by 19. We have rid the dead weight, and are aiming for the top 1000 once again.
We have only 1 requirement, other than to battle in wars, donate, participate on groupme is required for infomation and on the forum, and of course have fun.
Our bonuses include:
+10% Building Defense
+20%Infantry Defense
+10% Ground Defense
-10% Health Regen Time
✈+5% Air Defense
+5% Sea Defense
We are a fun and relaxed group, yet we cherish and encourage hard work, dedication, and commitment to the team. If you will be willing to contribute, improve, and battle alongside your comrades, you will find a place here. Interested?
Invite Code: 140720716
Uss Mission Bay

We also have a camper faction for those who need time out or time to build. Mission bay II
Invite code 412803646

All active players all welcome! To cover more grounds, it would be nice to add more players from Asia (+6, +7, +8, +9) , Australia to New Zealand (Southern Pacific Ocean)+12 GMT time zone .
We have some players from +12 gmt now but would like more players from around the world.
Bump we are accepting all low level players until 12pm Friday this is ur last chance guys to play in these wars. Only requirement is that u be at 50% of the wars. That means be available during the night or day. If you are interested ppl are standing buy to accept u now. Spaces are filling up quick so be a part of the game and earn some bonuses.