View Full Version : Top level gold player (300K WD per event) looking for a strong faction!

07-18-2013, 11:39 PM

I am a pretty high level player and have just been completely shocked and surprised about a merger that has caused a big chunk of our faction to decide to leave. This is the key/core group within our faction of the heavy gold spenders. Of which I am the heaviest gold spender. This group want me to join them in leaving the faction, but did not consult me on this move at all and that makes me more than a little pissed off. Therefore, I am now seriously considering the likely leaving of my current faction, but don't know if I will go to this new one.

Given all this, I felt that the wise thing to do would be to see what other factions are out there. Here are my qualifications:

Level 250 Player
826,361 Attack
1,207,677 Defense
Both attack and defense numbers include the faction bonuses, which are pretty good. I don't know the base/raw numbers.

I generate a MINIMUM of 250K WD points each battle, but almost always 300K+. In Poland, I generated 402,956 WD points.

I am a heavy gold user and will use at least 3,000 to 5,000 gold in each WD event.

My IPH is over $1M

The current faction I am in has not been ranked higher than the low 100s and I was happy staying as their top or second highest producer because I thought we were building something together. Now that is no longer the case, I am considering these other options.

I am an active, daily player. However, I do have a very busy work like, so my playing comes in heavy spurts throughout the day. So for WD events, I am not in every battle, but when I come into a battle, I generate a LOT of WD each time. Usually I generate my 300K-400K WD points in 10 battles or less. Usually 6 or 7 battles. This is due to time.

I am ideally looking for a top 10 faction at this time, or a top 25 faction that I can help to get to top 10. I can use more gold if the payoff is there.

I do not want to sit out the battle for Australia, so please let me know. I am undecided about joining this new merged faction that my previous teammates have just told me about

If you feel that I would be a good candidate for your faction, please PM me or reply. Unfortunately, I will only be available to make a decision until about 715am Pacific Time on Friday, July 19. I will be tied up all day on Friday with some stuff, so won't be able to do anything in MW until well into the evening of July 19. But will make a decision on what to do before I leave the house at 7:15am.

I am very unhappy about the short notice of all this that has forced my hand, so my apologies to any potential factions about this. If the timeline is too short, perhaps we can discuss after Australia, but my full intention and plan is to be in one faction or another during Australia.

All of the above is verifiable via screenshots if necessary.

Thank you.

07-19-2013, 12:00 AM
Sorry to hear about ur faction.. I know how that feels to think people are loyal to u and to b slapped in the face.. My faction is only entering our 3rd WD together but with more members and ones of ur caliber we can easily push for top250 or 100.. Send me a pm if u are interested.. Thanks.. Also we dont care if u use gold or not.. Just that u participate..

07-19-2013, 07:31 AM
Thank you all for the avalanche of invites and responses. I have joined a top 10 faction and am looking forward to Australia. I appreciate all the PMs and am sorry if I was not able to respond to each one individually.