View Full Version : Untouchables Recruit!

07-20-2013, 12:40 PM
Hiya, people of the City of innovative Crimes! :D Our syndicate, which came 543rd in the last battle, is looking for new recruits! We have been improving our position battle by battle. So in the next battle, we will surely be on the Top 500! But don't you think we want better? How about Top 400? Yeah! We want to new members who can help us reach our goal. Will you be one? ;)
There are many things which is remarkable about our precious little group here. You know what our top priority is? It's communication! We all talk on and off on the forum! And it's not just talk about the syndicates and the game, we talk about everything! Yeah, that's we are. We are the friendliest bunch of people you can ever find (that might just be a teenie-tiny bit of an exaggeration)! :D
Our syndicate has most of the bonuses, if any of you want to know which of them they are, just reply here to ask. :)
Now, we've got to pin-point some of the characteristics we require in our members:
1) Friendly
2) Minimum 90k stats
3) Daily active player

If any of your are interested please reply back to this post and I will provide any further details you might need. :)