View Full Version : 2 players in need of a Faction

07-22-2013, 06:59 AM
Hi 2 players are looking for a new home, we would ideally like a Uk/euro timezone Faction tho this isnt a big deal.
we would also like a top 750 faction.

Reasons for leaving The Bosten Crew (top 400) is we wont use a chat app called Line, and where else we go, we also wont use ANY chat app as the Faction Forum is good enough.

stats time

Level 73
500k IPH
103488 ATT
113115 DEF
333 members

Points currently for this war 18452 tho no info is being given out to us as potential targets, so were losing attacks, over a chat app.

Level 63
220K IPH
60437 ATT
66938 DEF
250 members

Points currently for this war is 13607 again tho no info is shared with us.

Both of us are free players tho can easily gain 25,000 points per war were both very active and have no issues boosting our members to 500 if this important.

we both have no problems donating, we donate at least 500k every day

Pm me with offers

07-22-2013, 12:03 PM
we are about to finish top 250. almost all bonuses maxed. We are operation PokeAho. Check us out online at www.pokeaho.weebly.com. Join us at 365509459 going for top 150 next war. no donation requirements except for some bricks if you have any. Our only requirement is to be active and participate in war. no free loaders.We are one family think you have what it takes? request now. pm me back if you have any questions.