View Full Version : Top 400 Recruiting- Guardians of Justice - Hurry!

07-22-2013, 12:31 PM
Hey, folks!

Was your faction's involvement in Australia not what you desired? Are you carrying your team? Perhaps you are a low-level player looking for advice to get stronger?

Consider Guardians of Justice! We are a 24-player faction looking to expand. We scored over 1.3 million WD points, which places us well into the Top 400.

Our income is about 40-50 million a day with NO minimums - donate what you can, with the understanding that donations drive the bonuses. No outside commo to worry about.

We're laid-back, all adult, some ex-military. No drama, no BS. Strategic in fighting and VERY active!!

Been together a month now, and these are our bonuses:

Inf Def +25
Ground Def +15
Air Def + 10
Sea Def + 5
Bldg Def + 15
Bldg Output + 5
Health Regen -14

I am Leader and DL, Level 156 Att 230k, Def 270k. We are a mix of levels and abilities. The main thing we need from you is to be ACTIVE during and between wars. High defense? Then you are our new DL!

PM me if you are interested. Spots won't last long!


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