View Full Version : Recruiting or small merge

Col Mustard
07-22-2013, 10:37 PM
we can fit a small group of players or faction. 10-12, 20 if need be, just have to shuffle some 2nd accounts around. we finished 572 in Oz, a step up from 656 in Poland. we are laid back, don't require gold. like every other faction we do require participation n the wars. come join us, we have some pretty decent bonuses:

Health regen -25%
Infantry attack 5%
Ground attack 5%
Inantry defense 25%
Ground defense 15%
Air defense 10%
Sea defense 10%
Building defense 20%
Building output 10%
Guild increase +20
Faction ID 155-345-007
Col Mustard ID 765-461-332