View Full Version : 479 and still moving up! You want top 500?

Semper fi AJ
07-22-2013, 11:25 PM
Join Semper Fi Never Retreat. We placed 479 in Autralia and continue to march up the leaderboard. We are looking for a few active, committed players to fill out our roster for Canada. We would like to see 100k A/D, but will make exceptions for high activity and upward moving stats. We require 500 allies, good communication, and teamwork within our strategies. We have a great group that has a lot of fun, but is well disciplined. We have an external chat, website, feeder faction, and lots of veterans to help those that need it. Come join a great team you won't want to leave!

Please PM me if you have questions. The faction bonuses and invite code are in my signature block.

Semper fi AJ
07-23-2013, 10:48 AM
Back to the top.

Semper fi AJ
07-24-2013, 05:00 PM
Up front please

Semper fi AJ
07-25-2013, 04:47 PM
Join us before Canada. You can have a spot in the top 500.

Semper fi AJ
07-26-2013, 10:06 AM
Claim your spot in the top 500.

Semper fi AJ
07-28-2013, 05:22 PM
Only a few spots left. Join us before Canada to get the good prizes!