View Full Version : Thin Red Line (36th ranked)

King David
07-25-2013, 05:42 AM
Thin Red Line has been top 50 in the last four wars.
We have expanded our guild and have ONE spot remaining.

We are a friendly, International guild who talk strategy, music, Game of Thrones, and adult beverages; however, when war comes, we are ALL Business. The top 50 bonuses are VERY SWEET!
We have a DL who is over 2 million A/D, he is also the coolest guy you will ever meet.

Our members love our guild and we have only had 2-3 leave for other guilds on their own since Gree started having guilds. We have had some members retire from KA and they donated everything they had to us. It is a great guild.

We are seeking:
700k+ A/D. player
Gem user appreciated, but not required.
Minimum 50k per day donation, but most willingly give more than that
Friendly personality a must

Please contact me on private message if you meet our stat request.
I would be glad to talk with you!