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Jean marc
07-25-2013, 11:23 AM
The Paladin Warriors are recruiting.
Conquest of Kings

Our guild The Paladin Warriors is recruiting. We ranked 111 for the Storming Glacial Pass, 156 for the battle of Giant's Alley, 87 for the Battle for Darkhome, 110 for the Battle of Blighted Woods and 204 in the battle for Dragon's Roost. Guild ID 779205431. If you have high stat and looking for a faction we are the one. We have a website that has plenty of information to help you get stronger. We are a team that play hard but has fun at the same time.

Our second Guild The Paladin Warriors II ranked 566 for the Storming Glacial Pass, 588 for the battle of Giant's Alley. Guild ID 980486134. We use this guild for our low to medium level to get stronger, then move up to the main guild.

Our Guild's are actively recruiting new members.
If you are SERIOUSLY interested, respond to this message with:

1. Your level
2. Attack and Defense stats
3. Your member ID
4. How often you play

You will receive a request if the Guild votes you in
based on stats, and a I will post on your wall a welcome
message to let you know to how to approve the request
that we send to you, along with the guidelines of our faction

Thanks for considering our Guild.
Hope you can join and share in our successes!