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07-26-2013, 02:34 AM
Second Coming

We placed 210 in Australia with 20 members, as you can imagine it takes a lot of dedication & organization to hit that spot with that amount of members. Unfortunately 8 members up and quit the game completely and sold their bases after Poland (where we placed 117).

After Australia, we had another 4 sell of their bases as well. Our faction name is Second Coming, placed top 150-250 in every battle. Check out our website & forum Linkedup.me In the past 2 wars, only 2 members left us for another faction. We also have a sister faction that is home to our LLP's that we uses to farm and sub in when we have open spots.

We use Google docs to track stats/donations weekly as well as shared intelligence between our alliance with other factions. Use LINE messenger and GroupMe for communication purposes and general chat where we incorporate each other into our everyday life. We are a very organized and dedicated group that like to win and have fun doing it, a 70/30 split between US/UK members that allow us to battle around the clock. We have 15-20 open spots & currently voting for our next bonus (4.4bill in the bank)
Our current Bonuses:

Ground Def: +30% (max)
Infantry Def: +30% (max)
Building Def: +30% (max)
Air Def: +25%
Sea Def: 15%
Health Regen: -26% (max)
Building output: +20%
Infantry ATK: +15%
Ground ATK: +10%
Air ATK: +10%
Casualty Rate: -5%
Guild Increase: +30

Please PM for further details.

07-29-2013, 06:55 PM