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07-26-2013, 03:30 PM
Stuck outside of top 250? We are a faction always improving. Top 150 is in our near future.

Can you score more than 25k wd? That is the minimum we need to continue to improve. Our wars are very organized. We have current intel on hundreds of factions to make finding you a juicy target easier.

★ ༽ོོ༼ོ ᏆᎬᏯ༏ᏣᏘᏁᏚ ༽ོོ༼

Finished 216th in Columbia and 207th in Madagascar. Took a break in Poland but still finished at 282 GOLD FREE. Back to top 250 in Australia at 230. **currently top 100 in tournament of factions, which proves how active we are!!**

We are looking for 3 active players to reinforce our group of 46.

Our bonuses are:.

Guild Increase: +26
Health Regen: -26 (maxed out)
Infantry defense: +30 (maxed out)
Building defense: + 15
Ground defense: +20
Air defense: +15
Sea defense: +15
Infantry attack: +10
Ground Attack: +10
Air Attack +5
Cash output: +15


PM me if you are interested.

07-26-2013, 08:15 PM
Still looking for 3 guys.