View Full Version : Shock & Awe needs up to 20 (bring your friends)

07-27-2013, 09:08 PM
The Shock & Awe faction needs 20 members - GOLD NOT REQUIRED. Active Individuals or Whole factions ready for a bonus upgrade are welcome. We've had several players leave the game and we also merged a few weeks ago. We are now using a two faction system that will make both factions extremely versatile as we will actively move people back and forth as needed. Faction ID: 804-400-164

I am currently looking for 20 individuals or a faction that can move most or all of their members to our faction to help fill it out and in the process gain these bonuses.

Our Faction's bonuses:
19% Faster Health Regeneration
10% More ATK from Infantry
30% More DEF from Infantry
20% More DEF from Ground
20% More DEF from Air
15% More DEF from Sea
25% More DEF from Buildings
10% More Cash from Buildings
+16 Guild Member Increase

Requirements are simple:
500 Allies within 3 weeks of joining
Donate 4 times your Income per Hour each day (we only look at the average per week)
Be active in the major faction wars
Provide email for easy blast communications and spreadsheets with game tips and strategies

Active, Strong players are able to move to our main faction which was top 150 in Australia as space is available. Weak or inactive players, as well as those that want to rest, are moved from our top 150 team back to Shock & Awe