View Full Version : looking to merge/ need loyal hard fighters

brothers of war
07-29-2013, 01:27 PM
Brothers of war
we need hard loyal fighters/ possible merger
we are looking to merge with another top 300+ faction of hard fighters
we have 18-22 slots open for anyone that can make 25k wd pts min and
donate 2 mil a day. we have a great core of guys and our DL has 600k def
we use a 3rd party chat for wars have great leadership and loyalty we are
called brother of war for a reason if you want a fun group of guys that still produce wins join us
627656967 invite code
we are a top 350-400 faction looking for a some more active
members to hit that top 100+ mark

42 guild members
26% health regen (maxed)
30% building def (maxed)
30% infantry def (maxed)
30% ground def (maxed)
20% air def
15% sea def
15% cash output
10% infantry att
5% ground attl

brothers of war
07-30-2013, 12:52 PM
we have been asked by top 50 teams to merge but we want to keep us all together we are very loyal and wont leave others behind or watch or faction die, we've had this faction since the first war and many members are still here, the merge would have to be your faction coming to our faction, thanks!