View Full Version : Super irritating and no common sense people

07-30-2013, 05:36 AM
I am getting irritated by the fact that there are people that go around accusing people anyhow of hacking and reporting.

I have an LLP account that is lvl 61 (camping atm) with 150k/160k. Been a wallbuster for 3 wars in a T25 team and doing only Boss event as well as box event and that stats is with faction bonus

I have people who keep posting on my wall saying i am a hacker and etc. I was like thinking, HELLO, IF YOU SAY I HACK, CHECK MY INVENTORY! THERE IS NOTHING SUSPICIOUS.

Or lets put it this way, why do i even bother explaining myself? This are really people who do nothing and just report people who have higher stats than them or when they hit you, and they lost, you hit them back, and they say your a hacker. WELL DONE man. THESE PEOPLE ARE REALLY LOSERS>

I am a cow
07-30-2013, 05:41 AM
Tell me about it this guy told me you are a hacker, your profile shows you have 260k defense but in reality you had 287k defense WOW! Im such a good hacker aren't I? I must be the best hacker I mean having 287k defense is like better than all of you guys