View Full Version : My level 10 camper looking for a syndicate

Dennis B
07-30-2013, 09:34 PM

My main is a leader in a top 200 syn, but just started a camper for fun.

He is level 10, not great stats at all. I wont be super-active during the war but I can help out with PAs first two days, and maybe last hours of the war. I fought in a lot of wars with my main (was in a top 25 syndicate, but due to lack of time and personal issues I had to return to my first syn where the pace is slower and suits me better) so I am familiar with how battles work, and I will do as told. I am in Sweden, Europe.

All is interesting, camper syndicate, non-fighting, fighting. Its just for fun, so I have no expectations at all. I wont be doing much other than some PAs in the wars if needed, donating some cash and work on my IPH. I fight some in the syndicate wars as well, but not much. I think I won 50 fights the last time before I decided to not do any more.

Thanks for your time!

Dennis B and Dennis B jr