View Full Version : Looking for a well organized, fun Top 75 faction? FB Faction Code: 846-786-743

07-30-2013, 09:37 PM

Looking for a well organized, fun Top 75 faction?

I am the leader of a great fun faction named Fully Boosted. We are building to transition to a Top 50 faction.

Faction Code: 846-786-743

Please come meet us. I am sure you will like the group.


Faction Name: Fully Boosted. Very well organized and fun faction.
Great bonuses: All Defense bonuses maxed at 30%, Building Cash Bonus 30%, Health Regen 26%, Attack bonus average of 20%

We require a min of 65k WD (which requires some gold spending)
Attack Stat should be above min 170k without any faction boosts, so you will be strong enough to find targets in most battles. Finding targets easily means more fun.

Battle for Australia 82nd

Battle for Ireland FB 55th

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