View Full Version : Lack of bonuses? Almost-full-bonuses team looking for a merger or absorb 12 players

07-31-2013, 05:55 AM
I am pleased to say that the team has found a merger candidate and will be back to full strength or close to for Monument Park.

They will still be looking at potential members interested in being a part of a Top 100 or Top 150 ranking team.

This is how the team has ranked so far:
Market Plaza: Top 75 (just outside of Top 50)
Packer Heights: Top 50
Chinatown: Top 150 (just outside of Top 100)
Docks: Top 100
Red Light District: Top 100
Civic Center: Top 150

The team is a mix of gold and non-gold players, with a healthy number of players stats above 200k (as well as others pushing 200k). These are great guys and they have fun chats (which get more fun once booze comes into play). The team has gotten every bonus except 1 final bonus (i.e. 104/105 bonuses), and they have already raised more than two-thirds the amount required for it.

What they need:
- candidates with stats at least 1000 times that of their level, i.e. if your level is 100, your stats should be at least 100k
- candidates with stats 100k and above (because honestly, these days if you're fighting for Top 100 or even Top 150 you can hardly find a good target below 100k)
- IP requirements: I'll leave it to the leader of the team to come to an agreement with you, but you should be looking at 30k for a Top 150 placing and 40k for a Top 100 placing
- candidates willing to download and use Palringo for comms, at least for this Monument Park round ... yes I am fully aware that Palringo is crap (and I have told them so, many times), but with less than 24 hours before the war it will probably be easier for anyone joining to switch to Palringo

Any players interested should PM me your level / no. of mafia / attack / defence / IPH details.

07-31-2013, 09:04 AM
The team will also accept individuals who meet the requirements as stated in the above post. However due to the lack of time before the Monument Park war, a group will have priority.

08-01-2013, 02:44 AM
Less than 2 days before Monument Park.

I am now leaving out a fixed IP requirement - I will leave negotiations on IP requirement to both parties, depending on what the target ranking is that both parties agree on.

I am hoping that a team out there can see the mutual benefits of merging/joining. It takes billions of cash to knock out all the bonuses, and I know there are many teams out there that have the potential to do much better if the bonuses were out of the way. Hell, I dare say contributions for bonuses are a major source of drama in syndicates, and a team that is willing to merge or be absorbed into this one will not face such drama for much longer.

As previous, PM me your team's details if interested.

08-02-2013, 12:50 AM
Bumping this, and I am pleased to say that a merger candidate has been found.

The team is still looking at individuals who'd like to be part of a great Top 100/150 family.

As previous, PM me the required details if you're interested.