View Full Version : Recruiting High IpH Players for top 150 Faction

08-01-2013, 05:13 AM
Looking for people who are willing to contribute at least $10M a day to the faction...more if able. We currently have 2 very high IpH players ($5M and $7M), so you wouldn't be alone.

Our goal is to max out upgrades in the very near future, and we need people who can help. If you're a camper, we're cool with less participation during events and the war, as long as you make up for it in donations. Free players are welcome.

We've consistently finished just outside of the top 100 in the last 3 wars.

Bonuses include:

Health Regen - 19%
Ground Attack - 10%
Air Attack - 5%
Infantry Attack - 10%
Infantry Defense - 30%
Ground Defense - 25%
Air Defense - 20%
Sea Defense - 15%
Building Defense - 25%
Building Output - 15%
Total Members - 42

If interested, please send me a message with you level, IpH, attack and defense stats, as well as what you can commit to donating on a daily or weekly basis. Please also include your 9-digit ID number so I can ally you and check out your base.



08-01-2013, 06:40 PM
Consider even for just one WD event pulling your top hitters into a Faction that includes a number of former Top 10 players and ended at 55th in Ireland..

Bring your whole group of top players on a group fun tour to our faction for just one WD event and see what the game looks like at higher levels, learn new tactics and get better units in Canada.. We will get the Top 50 prize if your up for it..

It is very hard to beat out factions above and keep moving up the ranks if they are getting WD bonus units you are not. Getting the higher bonuses is the fastest way to boost your whole team and is needed to keep climbing the ranks.

Bring your players but keep your cash.. we just finished a drive and so have only voluntary donations for a while..