View Full Version : Join the Bandit Brotherhood today! 1 spot left!!!!! 900382476

08-01-2013, 06:03 AM
The BlackHawk Bandits is a rising up and coming faction! We currently have 31 very active members and have 1 spot left. We placed top 1300 this past war and did not have nearly this amount of members. We will definatly place top1000 this war. We are quickly rising to the top and have room for 1. Active players only! Looking for members with a min. attack/defense of 50k. PM me for more information or send a request on over.

Health regen: -14%
Infantry def: +20%
Ground def: +10%
Air def: +5%
Building def: +15%
Building output: +5%
Guild increase: +12

Join the Bandit Brotherhood today! 900382476