View Full Version : YOLO So close to top250 we can taste it already....

Captain Steelman
08-01-2013, 08:20 AM
Yolo will make a run for top250 during the Battle For Monument Park. We have been working on our members after every war and we will always make some progress. Take a look at how we have done in the past.

Civic Center 296īth
Red light District 347īth
Docks Rampage 356īth
China Town 460īth
Packer Heights 566īth
Market Plaza 1296īth

Therefore, join us for the Monument Park event and enjoy the benefits to fight in a syndicate with goldplayers. We ensures that the opponents Hideout and Defence leader is out within 3 min of the battle and that you have targets pointed out for you within your attack range.

You will score massive amounts of IP. If you are a gold player this is the place to invest that gold...

We require that you score min 10k IP. Your attack stat should be around 100k with our Syndicate boosts.

Our Bonuses

All defence +25
Armour and melee attack +25
Exp. attack +20
Car attack +15
Gun attack +10
Building and job payout +25
60 seat syndicate

Pm if you need more info. We have at the moment 5 empty seats. Our code 923 234 289

Captain Steelman
08-01-2013, 02:08 PM
We got 4 more seats....