View Full Version : FORUM UNITED NATION II is recruiting- Twice the FUN😎

08-03-2013, 07:25 PM
FIRSTLY would you like a chance to possibly be selected to play in the #1 guild FUN?
Come prove your worth and join FUN 2.
We only require any score between 30k-500k CPs minimum for each battle. Do your best, and when you reach the FUN requirements – you will be invited to Kingdom Age Valhalla where you can bask in the spoils of war with Forum United Nation Guild commonly known as FUN.

If FUN is way out of your budget range then that's ok, make FUNII your home.
Requirements are;
You should be an active player, especially during war – FUN-2 will battle non-stop.
You should donate at least 5хIPH in a day. But we can make exceptions where nessisary.
You should be able to use Kakaotalk to coordinate with others.
To start your way to the top, just install Kakaotalk and find there YussyYepp or Merlin2 – our recruiting officers.

FUNII Code: 574660257
(We don’t accept new members without an interview which usually takes place on Kokaotalk.)
*Stricky NO hackers! Don't even apply otherwise we'll send your info straight to GREE.*