View Full Version : irishTriadTake2 will be recruiting after this war!

08-04-2013, 04:12 AM
We have consistently placed well inside top 1500, & are now looking for new members to push to top 1000-750!
We have 13/24 members so a merge would be possible if you come to us.
We have 21/105 so min cash donation of 2x IPH per day & all bricks.
Min 15k stats & 5k IP
We use GroupMe, but don't force our members to have it.
If you're iterested, PM me your in-game name, level, Atk, Def, IPH, IP, location, & points in Showdown.
Gold spenders are more than welcome aswel as free players!
Non-European players (USA, Asia, etc) will have priority as we lack 'night-time' players.