View Full Version : TOP 250 Team seeking active players - NO GOLD REQUIRED

Bob Mob Recruiting
08-05-2013, 01:55 AM
Current Battle Rank: Monument Park - 239th

If you average 15k IP in battles and 50k points in syndicate showdowns and want to move to a well organised syndicate to gain better rewards and have more fun, but don't want to be forced to use a massive stash of gold-come join us after the battles finish!

We are a good team, improving all the time, we have finished at least top 500 in all battles/brawls, but are now firmly in the top 250 - but we need more talent to secure our new ranking. We are looking for active players who score at least 15k IP per battle, preferably 20k IP or more.

We are a friendly bunch who have great fun/banter during the battles-if you can score the points listed above, come join us! our syndicate bonus details are below.

3rd Syndicate Showdown - 147th
2nd Syndicate Showdown - 185th
1st Syndicate Showdown - 381st

Monument Park - 239th with 9 hours to go!
Civic Centre Rumble - 318th
Red Light District - 356th
Docks Rampage - 465th
ChinaTown - 475th
Packer Heights - 457th
Market Plaza - 476th
Midtown - 493rd

We have bought 82 bonuses,
Fight Respect +25%
Jobs Payout +25%
Car Attack + 5%
Car Defence +25%
Building Output +25%
Melee Attack +15%
Melee Defence +25%
Gun Defence +25%
Armour Attack +20%
Armour Defence +25%
Explosive Attack +10%
Explosives Defence +25%
Building Defence +25%
Hideout Health +20%
Hideout Damage +15%
Influence Increase +5%
Syndicate Member Increase +38

We have a relaxed policy on cash donations, you give what you can! We don't require gold usage, but do ask members to join our GroupMe network.

If you are interested in joining the syndicate, then the code is 571266212. Post here or pm me, if you wish to discuss how to join. All levels accepted/considered.

smart tiger
08-05-2013, 03:52 AM
I am 3 wars old in cc.. All 3 wars I have scored over 20k points, with intermittent hideout and DL hits. I am leaving my current syndicate and would like to join a friendly group of active members. My stats are lvl 49 64k/73k, with current synd boosts. Would you be interested in "hiring" me? :)

Ps: I can email u a screenshot of my score this war if u need proof.

08-05-2013, 11:31 AM