View Full Version : looking for new syndicate - no gold

Grant B
08-05-2013, 12:08 PM
Hello. I started kcco and im thinking of ending kcco. Couldnt get active players just a bunch of free loaders that started battles constantly and would lose fights instead of attacking hideouts. Looking to join or merg with a proper group.

Level 134
168k attk
208k def
Iph 2m +
Ip = 15-20K (fighting when I have time) 20k-30k when my synd would start fights and people would attack me as def leader
No gold/free player

I am willing to donate bricks and cash. I cant spend a lot of time msging back and forth trying to plan. Looking for a syndicate that has at least all of the def upgrades and income upgrades as I have them in kcco and if I cant find a better synd ill just stay in mine for the bonuses. If there is any synd out there that has good active players but not the bonuses we can talk about merging.

Feel free to post offers or pm me.

Grant B
08-05-2013, 01:54 PM

Wow this page fills fast!