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08-05-2013, 01:47 PM
Hi, Recruiter for Jedi Mind Tricks
We are a top 500 Syndicate that is looking to move up to top 400 and beyond. We are looking for active daily players, who are also active in World Domination Events. We are organized and have well run wars. Join a fun syndicate with an active in game forum and external forum. No drama, just play and have fun.

Jedi Mind Tricks 177-133-699

fight respect payout 25%
job payout 10%
Car attack 5%
car defense 25%
building output 25%
melee attack 10%
melee defense 25%
gun attack 5%
gun defense 25%
armor attack 15%
armor defense 25%
explosive attack 5%
explosive defense 20%
building defense 25%
hideout health 15%
hideout damage 5%
influence increase 5
syndicate increase 28
pm me if you have any questions

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