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Devils Advocate
08-05-2013, 05:35 PM
I'm looking for members to join our faction.

We are trying to build something fun but with commited players. I started the faction on my own to enjoy the world events...I constantly hit in the top 4000 on my own..generating in excess of 36k points. I have recently joined a CC syndicate and two of the best players on that team are now signed up on modern war with my faction. So this is a chance to be part of a select faction that will do good things.

All I ask are the following..you must be prepared to take part in battle weekends to help the faction.... its a team game after all. It doesn't matter where in the world you are as we will try to get a balance so there is support for each other on battle weekends. Ideally you will be around or above lvl 50 with good stats for your level. We don't require you to use gold..we are trying to do this on a free basis..if you want to use gold then no problem, obviously, but we do want you to donate in game cash to help with the bonuses. You must sign up to wechat messenger app...I was sceptical at first but it is really good app and we have been using it with great sucess on Crime City...it is on android and ios.

I have personally managed to put in place these bonuses and with the new guys we are working hard on increasing

Health regen +5%
Infantry def +15%
Ground def +10%
Building def +10%
Guild member increase +2

these are changing as quick as we can get money in the bank which is going in quick at the moment

Our invite code is 414687621

So come and be part of something fun..

Devils Advocate
08-06-2013, 04:58 PM
spots still open...Be part of something special....:D