View Full Version : New Syndicate!

08-05-2013, 09:47 PM
Nation Of Wars is a brand new syndicate. My goal is top 25 within three wars! I can get top 500 just by myself but with a little help we could get into the top 250 in the first war. Need some players and officers.

My name is Mr CEO
Attack 584k
Defense 643k

war battles- 50k
free hits are fine for now.
Gold is optional but i'll be dropping at least a vault of gold each war.

PvP Tournament requirements:
pvp- 100k
This event is easy to gain 100k. All you have to do is attack other players.

All levels are welcome but would like you to have good enough stats to be able to attack other players.

Nation Of Wars Syndicate: 725 706 114