View Full Version : PLAN9 Top 150 With ONLY 41/52 members recruiting

08-05-2013, 10:03 PM
Plan9 top 150 with only 41/52 members is recruiting no requirements except being active. we have a lot of really high stat players and some heavy, medium, and light gold players looking for some active players to help us push for top 75 and become part of our family. all of us help out every single one of our family members to get stronger, wiser and smarter. 11 spaces open at the moment so pm if anyone wants to join.

just pm me your lvl stats and screen shot of last wars IP just want to see how active u are. thank you and happy hunting

08-06-2013, 03:46 AM
Psycho killer's recruiting

Newly Formed syndicate aiming for top(150-250) for the Battle ahead.

No cash donations needed as we have already maxed out our bonuses. Just require BRICK donations.

Requirements we ask
-Min of 40k ip overall
- lvl 50 +
-stats over 110k(raw stats or without syndicate bonuses)
- Activeness in most battles
-socialize on GROUPME with the team for war details and Strategy.

Things we can offer you:
-All syndicate bonuses
-A syndicate family of active and fun players
-Maximum support by officers and leader
Invite code:-625629410