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08-06-2013, 01:39 AM
i was wondering how many units in the game are actual units in real life? heres the ones i know;

ARC Gloria, ARC Almirante Padilla, ORP Metalowiec, HMAS Sydney, and (correct me if im wrong) T-62 Predator. plz guys copy and add to this list, and only indestructible units, we know that a harrier is a real unit.

08-06-2013, 01:49 AM
I'm PRETTY sure the Flancraft Carrier is under construction as we speak - LoL

08-06-2013, 01:50 AM
Hahaha, a slice of flan carrier for ur tea!

Thunder Child
08-06-2013, 02:59 AM
Pretty certain that tanks, planes and ships exist in real life.

Though, since I've never seen them, I could be wrong!

hooker gal
08-06-2013, 03:08 AM
You could google it ...hee hee

Thunder Child
08-06-2013, 03:12 AM
You could google it ...hee hee

'google' ?

08-06-2013, 03:24 AM
Ha Ha Ha. I would say, it would take you litterally a few days to scrub through your inventory and compare it to real equipment. But from first glance, I would venture to say that at least a few are.

- Side note, all units in KA are real.

08-06-2013, 05:35 AM
There are quite a few "real" unit images that go under different names. For instance, the Naval Cutter and Savage Cruiser are actually the LCS 1 USS Freedom. The Awesomely Big Battleship is actually the LCS 2 USS Independence. The Combat Catamaran is the HSV-2 Swift. The Malagasy Battleship is an Arleigh Burke Flight I Destroyer, though with the hull number 81 on the side it would actually be the USS Winston S. Churchill which is a Flight IIA variant. There are many more examples of this throughout the game, however these are a few of the ships that I have actually been on before.

I think there are a couple of Apaches that are real units with real names such as the Apache Prototype and the AC-10. I am sure that there are a few more, but it seems that most of the real units in the game go by different names.

Saint Anger
08-06-2013, 08:44 AM
I'm PRETTY sure the Flancraft Carrier is under construction as we speak - LoL

Dang, I wish I had one...never jumped on it, way back when.

08-06-2013, 09:03 AM
There was a unit called the super cobra...it's a helicopter that is also in real life. The GIGN are a European special force team, and the A-10 units such as the warthog are based off the real life A-10 planes

08-06-2013, 11:04 AM
I know the Black Kimodo Airship is the SR-71 Blackbird.
The Hind Mi-24 is also a real helicopter.

08-06-2013, 12:56 PM
There is a unit called big dog that in production for the Marines, sort of like a pack mule. Doesn't really look like the Dog prize on MW, but it could be a new prize idea. http://www.livescience.com/37863-marines-walk-big-dog-robot-video.html

There is a Raaf Mirage, i think if someone took the time to google all of them, most would turn out real or based loosely based on a real thing

08-06-2013, 01:11 PM
Is the USS Bullshark a real life ship, too?