View Full Version : Thin Red Line (#36 ranked) seeks 100k CP players

King David
08-07-2013, 05:42 AM
Thin Red Line has been top 50 in the last five wars (currently 36th)
We are on the verge of expanding our guild and will have 2 open spots

We are a friendly, International guild who talk strategy, music, Game of Thrones, and adult beverages; however, when war comes, we are ALL Business. The top 50 bonuses are VERY SWEET!
We have a DL who is over 2.8 million A/D, he is also the coolest guy you will ever meet.

Our members love our guild and we have only had 5-6 voluntarily leave for other guilds since Gree started having guilds. We have had some members retire from KA and they donated everything they had to us. It is a great guild.
We even had two members finish in the top 10 of the last box event.

We don't have any sister guilds like other to guilds do, pawning you off their lower level guild until you can "prove" yourself. When you join TRL, it is for the top 50 fighting guild.

We are seeking 2 warriors.
We are normally a gem optional guild; however, these two spots are reserved for individuals who are ready to help is make a serious run at top 25 next war.

-Minimum CP 100k+
-Minimum A/D 1 million+ (level should be below 160 unless you are way over 1 million)
Don't care about your level of A/D as long as the ratios is good.
Of course, at our level we fight the top 50, top 25, and top 10.
Yes, fighting FUN was not Fun for us, haha

-Minimum 50k per day daily donation, but most willingly give more than that
-Friendly personality a must. If you are the type that joins a guild and we never hear from you again on chat, we are not interested. We are not Facebook, but we interact with one another as friends and share battle strategies and tips.

Please contact me on private message if you meet our CP
I would be glad to talk with you!

The Good Doctor
08-07-2013, 11:01 PM
SB3 is the 36 th ranked guild in last war. You are 39. Realistic expectations should be listed. You honestly don't think two 100k + gem spenders are going to cover a 1.18 Million CP gap to get to top 25, right?