View Full Version : Well organized, fun faction aiming for Top 100 seeks fun 40k WD players

08-07-2013, 07:59 AM

Well organized, fun faction aiming for Top 100 seeks fun 40k WD players

Faction Code: 846-786-743

We lost a core of heavy hitters (the boring guys, the fun are still here) and are rebuilding to hit Top 100.

We started the faction at the beginning and have built up great bonuses: Defenses all maxed at 30%, Cash Bonus 30%, Health regen 26%, Attack bonus avg of 20%

Attack Stat should equal to 1000 x your level (level 100 should have 100k attack) and be above min 100k without any faction boosts, so you will be strong enough to find targets in most battles. Finding targets easily means more fun.

Use your PC or phone web browser to join our Groupme Greeting Room. If you already have Groupme and the iphone takes you to the store just click open or install.


Please come meet us. We are sure you will like the group!

SPAWAR, Major K, MD, Vinnie & sycho (everyone likes to play with a guy named 'sycho')

Faction Name: Fully Boosted. Very well organized and fun faction.
Great bonuses: All Defense bonuses maxed at 30%, Building Cash Bonus 30%, Health Regen 26%, Attack bonus average of 20%

Battle for Australia 82nd

Battle for Ireland FB 55th

08-07-2013, 09:35 AM
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