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08-07-2013, 11:20 AM
We are a top 400/250. We are an affiliate faction of team =BRAVO=, which is top 25. We currently have a partner faction with us, that is made up of campers and inactive players. We are dumping them, and looking for a new partner faction. We are able to move players without having you give up your current faction. When a player from your faction gets strong enough, they come up with us for a war or two, get prizes and move back down to help out your faction. We always have open positions available to move guys around. If active players join our recruiting room, and do not meet our requirments, we forward them to you for your review.
Our recruiters work consistantly through the main Gree forums, in game chatter, and groupme, to recruit for open slots. This would assist you in finding qualified applicants. We do not recruit inactive members for any faction, so we are not passing those types of guys around. We will also give you access to our private room in groupme so you can chat with us and feel a sense of team that you will build. We will also create a joint operations officers section, where the officers of both our factions can discuss matters. We can also give you your own page on our private forums for storage of long term information.

We have a recruitment room set up for all our new recruits. Our officers are always standing by to conduct interviews to find the best candidates. Prior to everything starting off, we would like to get to know you through this process. Our officers and you and your officers could communicate with expectations of this affiliation so neither of us lose anything.

This does not mean leaving your faction, or passing control to our leader. What it does mean, is that we can assist you in making you stronger and more coordinated as a team. The only thing we require is the use of groupme. We use this to communicate. If you guys do, we would be able to come in your groupme rooms and help with tips and tricks. We are able to share information back and forth.

Also, we have guys on all levels. If in the event one of your members are having an issue with getting beat up by another player over and over, if we have an available member in that level range, we will assist you to the best of our ability. For donations, we can send a player into your faction once per week and make a donation of good faith of 25 mil. We can also donate concrete when available.

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We are 18/32 faction looking for players. 825507439 , we have been trying to merger with others but nothing happens.